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Education for Patients and Families

We would make every effort to treat the patient as our family member and treat patient as a whole instead of focusing on the symptoms of organs.

We would provide useful hand-out materials for the patient and family depending n the specific allergic conditions.

Our clinic will conduct skin test to determine if patient has allergy to environmental factors or foods. For patients with drug sensitivity, we shall perform blood test of RAST and skin test for the specific drug. We will selectively perform oral challenge test for specific patients with food sensitivity.

The three principles of approaching patients with allergic disorders will be applied on all the patients: Diagnosis, Treatment and Prevention

  1. A careful obtaining of medical history and physical examination
  2. Perform appropriate skin test or blood test to help identify the allergic factors that led to allergic disorder.
  3. Emphasize prevention or avoidance of allergic factors
  4. Advice of proper pharmacological treatment to minimize the symptoms
  5. Help desensitize the patients with Immunotherapy (with allergy vaccine)
  6. Education on the clinical course and the outcome of the allergic disorders
  7. Provide emotional support for the patient and the families.

We take pride in providing the care that helps improve the quality of life on the patients and their families, who suffered from allergic disorders.