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Leslie Galloway

Spring 2008

Just for Teens If your age has moved into the double digits, this bit is for you! You have entered into a difficult time in your life. You are old enough to be perfectly able to be in charge of your CF care and maybe to really hate…

Fall 2007

Family-Centered…Who Cares? Family centered care is a phrase being heard more and more in healthcare. It means that medical professionals have come to realize that caregivers and families have a major impact on a patient’s continued health and well being, and they cannot be ignored.

Summer 2007

When to Call-Part II: Digestive System Problems In the last newsletter, you learned about lung changes that should cause a phone call to your CF Care Team. Now, let’s talk about changes in the digestive system that should also prompt a phone call. Some of these will sound familiar because…

Winter/Spring 2006-2007

About Hypertonic Saline In 2004 we learned the results of an Australian study funded by the CF Foundation to find out if inhaling a mist of “hypertonic” saline would help people with CF. Since CF lungs have too little salt and water, the researchers thought breathing in a salt water…

Summer 2006

Let’s Talk About Tune-Ups! Some of you are well acquainted with the hospitalizations we call “tune-ups,” while others of you have not yet had this experience. Here are some things to keep in mind about why you come in for tune-ups and how to handle the experience.