A bronchoscopy is a routine test that allows your doctor to see inside of your breathing tubes and to get tissue/secretion samples. These samples can be sent to the lab for various tests.

What will happen during a bronchoscopy?

An IV (a small thin tube that is placed with a needle, in the hand or arm to provide access to veins) will be placed to give you/your child medicine and fluid. Medications (Fentanyl and Versed) will be given so you/your child are comfortable and sleepy for the test. They will not remember the test. Lidocaine (a numbing medicine) will be given in the nose to numb the area where the tube will go. Once you/your child are comfortable, a small tube will be passed through the nose. The tube carries a camera and light that allows the doctor to see the nose, voice box, windpipe, and airways. Tissue samples or secretions may be collected at this time.


You/your child (if greater than 1 year old) will not be allowed to eat or drink anything at all for 6 hours before the test. If your child is less than 1 year old please do not allow food or drink 4 hours prior to the test. The test lasts about 15 minutes after your child is sedated. You/your child will wake up easily after the procedure but may continue to be sleepy for a couple of hours.

Checking in to the hospital

Please report to the UF Lung Diagnostic Center which can be found by taking the atrium elevators to the 6th floor and taking a left turn out of the elevator alcove.

After the study

You will be sent home after the bronchoscopy once the medication has worn off.  The medications may cause sleepiness for the remainder of the day.


After the test, the doctor will discuss the results of the bronchoscopy with you. If samples of secretions or tissue were taken during the test those results will be available about 2 weeks after the test. Please call (352) 273-8381 for those results.