Sleep Study

What is it?

A sleep study, or a polysomnogram, is a non-invasive, pain-free procedure that requires spending a night in a sleep facility. Prior to the sleep study, a sleep technician will attach monitoring leads to your:

  • Head, in order to monitor and record brain activity
  • Legs, in order to record leg movement
  • Chin, in order to record muscle activity
  • Nose, in order to measure airflow
  • Finger, in order to measure blood oxygen
  • Leads will also be placed by the eyes and a snore sensor will be placed on the neck.
Sleep study

Your breathing will be monitored by placing belts on your chest and abdomen. Any unusual body movements will also be recorded by video. A cannula will also be placed under your nose to monitor airflow and levels of carbon dioxide.

Usually, a single, overnight sleep study is sufficient to diagnose obstructive sleep apnea or other sleep disorders. For older, mature patients, if there are enough events to diagnose obstructive sleep apnea early in the study you will be placed on positive pressure to help treat obstructive events. Most patients will not have positive pressure placed during their first sleep study.

How do I prepare for it?

Please bring the following with you to your sleep study:

  1. Sleepwear (non-silky), diapers, slippers, socks, your own pillow, special blanket (if preferred)
  2. A list of current medications being taken, including nasal decongestant spray
  3. Personal hygiene items; toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, and deodorant
  4. Medical Equipment your child may use (wheelchair, walker, CPAP/BIPAP mask)- overnight oxygen is provided in our sleep rooms if necessary
  5. Necessary Medications needed that night
  6. Eat before your study. There is not sufficient time to have a meal at the sleep lab before your study. Please bring any snack or drink you or your child may need during your stay, including bottles with formula. Food is not available at the center. No alcoholic beverages are allowed.
  7. There is a DVD player in the room; however, there is no cable TV in our center. Please bring a DVD or reading material to occupy you and your child during the hookup process. Then the DVD will be turned off to allow an adequate amount of time to sleep.
  8. A parent must accompany any child less than 18 years of age and remain with them throughout the night

Check-in at 8 pm and check out at 7 am the next day.

Important Instructions

Please follow the instructions below; otherwise the study may have to be rescheduled.

  1. Try to avoid daytime naps for school-aged children the day of your child’s study.
  2. Wash your child’s hair and skin before coming for his/her study. Hair and skin need to be free of oils, lotions, gels, glue, sprays, and hairpieces. The hair must be clean and dry. We must be able to get to your child’s scalp.
  3. 48 Hours business day cancellation/rescheduling notice is required. To cancel/reschedule, please call (352) 265-5240. Please give a patient on our waiting list the opportunity to come in if you are not able to.
  4. One adult parent or guardian must stay in the room during the entire study with patients under 18 years of age. A fold-out sleep chair or a bed is available for the parent or guardian. Please do not bring other children to the study.
  5. Check-in at 8 pm and check out at 7 am the next day.
  6. Parking is free at the sleep center. A registrar will sign you in and collect any co-payment amounts or answer any financial questions. There will be two charges for this study, one from the facility and one from the physician reading the study.
  7. A variety of non-invasive sensors will be attached to your child’s scalp and body to monitor his/her sleep. Your child will be on camera all night. There is no smoking permitted in the building.
  8. In compliance with Shands Healthcare policy personal video or recording equipment is not permitted in the Sleep Center without the express consent of the administration.
  9. Shands Healthcare has a strict policy against carrying weapons on the property. Please do not bring any weapons with you.

Our sleep technicians will gladly answer questions you may have the night of your child’s study, however, they cannot discuss study results. Your child’s physician will receive the completed report directly from our lab. Our staff will not be able to discuss the results of your child’s study. Contact your child’s physician for the results.