Family Involvement Consultant

Angela Miney

Angela Miney is a part-time Family Involvement Consultant in the Pediatric Pulmonary Center (PPC) at the University of Florida, funded by the Maternal and Child Health Bureau. In employing Family Consultants the PPC wished to ensure that its goal of training leaders in the interdisciplinary, community-based, culturally competent care of children with chronic pulmonary diseases would be family centered. In her capacity as family partner Angela has helped to establish the Family Advisory Board (FAB) which advises PPC on family related issues. Angela also lectures students on family centered care as part of the PPC’s core curriculum and has talked at and participated in conferences on living and dealing with children with chronic illnesses, including Florida Institute for Family Involvement(FIFI) conference, Juvenile Arthritis Education day, and Family Café, a conference for children with special health care needs. She is also responsible for building a network of contacts with Pediatric Pulmonary Centers nationally and other family centered organizations to ensure that the PPC at UF remains at the forefront of family centered care practices. She is a family member on the Family Centered and Family Directed Practices Workgroup, an MCH Training Program.

Angela began her career in Human Resources in Ireland and subsequently spent a number of years living and working in sub Saharan and West African countries. In the last five years she has been a stay-at-home mom, caring for a daughter with Juvenile Arthritis. Additionally, she has been involved in many volunteer opportunities at her daughters’ school, including leadership roles in their major fundraisers and is currently chair of the School Advisory Board.