Sleep Disorders Program

Sleep Clinic

The Pediatric Sleep Disorders Clinic provides comprehensive evaluation and management for children with a wide range of sleep disorders including obstructive sleep apnea, narcolepsy, periodic leg movements, hypersomnias, and congenital hypoventilation. Care is provided under the direction of a pediatric pulmonologist who is board-certified in sleep medicine by the American Board of Sleep Medicine (ABSM) and the American Board of Pediatrics.


Scheduling is provided through the Pediatric Pulmonary Division. To schedule a first appointment in a pediatric pulmonary specialty clinic, new patient referrals can be called into the referral center at (352) 273-5625 or faxed to (352) 273-5633. Records from a referring physician should be provided to assure scheduling in the appropriate clinic.

Return appointments, cancellation or rescheduling of sleep clinic appointments should be directed to (352) 273-7900. We ask the courtesy of a week’s notice for cancellation so the clinic opening may be used for another patient.

If you need to talk with someone about sleep study results or home care equipment, please call the pediatric pulmonary office at (352) 273-8380.

If you need to talk with someone about scheduling a sleep study, please call the sleep lab at (352) 265-5240.

Dr. Wagner’s Sleep Disorders Clinic is now located at 4740 NW 39th Place Suite C, Gainesville, FL at the Sleep Disorders Center. Learn more about the Sleep Disorders Center


We also have a Telemedicine Program that includes direct to patient telemedicine services through our Sleep Clinic. Ask your provider for more information about this program.

Sleep Lab

The University of Florida Sleep Disorders Center is a full-service facility proving comprehensive evaluation for persons with sleep disorders from infancy to adulthood. The 12-bed center is housed in a brand new state of the art facility located at 4740 NW 39th Place, Suite C, in Magnolia Parke, with at least four dedicated pediatric beds operating seven days a week. The sleep center staff is experienced in the care of children. All studies are read by a physician board-certified in sleep medicine.

Patient Education

We provide an abundant source of information about sleep disorders for our patients and families.

Fellowship Program

The University of Florida has a Sleep Medicine Fellowship Training program accredited by the ACGME which is administered through the Department of Internal Medicine. A one-year training program prepares physicians for board certification in Sleep Medicine and is a collaborative effort between the Pediatric and Adult Pulmonary Divisions at the University of Florida.