Family Resources

CF Foundation

The mission of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, a nonprofit donor-supported organization, is to assure the development of the means to cure and control cystic fibrosis and to improve the quality of life for those with the disease.

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Family Café

The Family Café began in 1998 as an attempt to meet an urgent need among persons with disabilities and their families: the need for information. To meet that need, The Family Café created an Annual Conference that would serve as a clearinghouse of information. The conference would provide a unique environment, where families could connect with peers, commercial service providers, and public entities to find out what services were available to them, which best met their needs, and how to go about securing those services. The guiding principle of The Family Café has always been the belief that well-informed people make the best decisions for themselves and their loved ones. Our Annual Conference provides the opportunity to put that principle into action.

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Camp Boggy Creek

A year round camp for seriously ill children, it offers week-long summer sessions for the children and family retreat weekends for the whole family. There is no charge to the children or families who come to Boggy Creek.

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Family Resource Coalition

The Family Resource Coalition, a non_profit 501 © (3) designated to provide resources and other assistance to Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs and their Families throughout Florida. Our Primary Goal is to educate and support families in the area of advocacy skills, resources and information.

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Consumers Advancing Patient Safety

A partnership between consumers and providers to create global healthcare systems that are safe, compassionate and just.

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The Joint Commission

Helping Healthcare organizations help patients.

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New Health Partnerships

In this community you will find information and support to improve the lives, care, and health of people with long-term conditions. This site is for patients, family members, and health care providers who want to work together as partners to promote collaborative self-management in health care.

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World Alliance on Patient Safety

In October 2004, WHO launched the World Alliance for Patient Safety in response to a World Health Assembly Resolution (2002) urging WHO and Member States to pay the closest possible attention to the problem of patient safety. The Alliance raises awareness and political commitment to improve the safety of care and facilitates the development of patient safety policy and practice in all WHO Member States. Each year, the Alliance delivers a number of programs covering systemic and technical aspects to improve patient safety around the world.

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Institute for Family Centered Care

The Institute for Family-Centered Care provides leadership to advance the understanding and practice of patient- and family-centered care in hospitals and other health care settings.

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National Center for Medical Home Initiatives for Children with Special Healthcare Needs

The National Center of Medical Home Initiatives for Children with Special Needs provides support to physicians, families, and other medical and non-medical providers who care for children with special needs so that they have access to a medical home.

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