MCH Leadership Curriculum

The Maternal and Child Health Bureau (MCHB) is a bureau within the Health Resources and Services Administration. The goal of MCHB is to improve the health and well-being of mothers, children and families. Its population based approach leads to high quality care.

Mission Statement

The UF Pediatric Pulmonary Center (PPC) trains interdisciplinary students and workforce members (medicine, social work, nursing, nutrition, psychology, and family members) to be leaders in the interdisciplinary, individual and population-based care of children and youth with chronic respiratory conditions and, more generally, special healthcare needs (CYSHCN). PPC activities address the needs of underserved individuals and groups and focus on equity in healthcare delivery and health outcomes.


  1. Provide high quality, interdisciplinary leadership training in a range of primary care, public health, and specialty care settings to diverse long, medium, and short – term trainees/fellows from the core disciplines, in preparation for leadership roles in Maternal and Child Health.
  2. Build family/youth engagement capacity by enhancing the knowledge and skills of family trainees, emerging professionals, and existing faculty, providing Continuing Education (CE) and Technical Assistance (TA) sessions each year, and impacting the Florida Family Leaders’ Network (FFLN).
  3. Improve access to and quality of care for Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs (CYSHCN) using telecommunication, telehealth and social media platforms using developmentally appropriate established models of learning.
  4. Provide and evaluate CE, subject matter expertise/TA/collaboration related to CYSHCN to the existing workforce to improve family centered, culturally competent systems of care.
  5. Participate in multiple recruitment, retention, CE and TA activities to support diverse and underrepresented trainees, faculty and workforce members in order to improve the quality of care, increase cultural and linguistic competence and to address disparities in the systems of care for CYSHCN.

By participating in this program students can become future maternal child health leaders who will understand MCHB values, missions and goals. This is accomplished through core competencies of self, others, wider community and clinical care.