MCH Leadership Curriculum

MCH Curriculum venn diagram. "Intro" in the middle circle with four larger circles surrounding it. The four other circles read "Self," "Clinical Care," "Others." and "Wider Communuty."


Leadership Defined

  • A Maternal and Child Health (MCH) leader is one who understands and supports MCH values, mission, and goals with a sense of purpose and moral commitment.
  • He or she values interdisciplinary collaboration and diversity and brings the capacity to think critically about MCH issues at both the population and individual levels, as well as to communicate and work with others and use self-reflection.
  • The MCH leader possesses core knowledge of MCH populations and their needs and demonstrates professionalism in attitudes and working habits.
  • He or she continually seeks new knowledge and improvement of abilities and skills central to effective, evidence-based leadership.
  • The MCH leader is also committed to sustaining an infrastructure to recruit, train, and mentor future MCH leaders to ensure the health and well-being of tomorrow’s children and families.
  • Finally, the MCH leader is responsive to the changing political, social, scientific, and demographic context and demonstrates the capability to change quickly and adapt in the face of emerging challenges and opportunities.

Competencies & Sections

Curriculum Design

Each curriculum module includes six activities:

  • Clinical
  • Core Seminar
  • Self-directed Activities
  • Community Activities
  • Participate in Faculty Activities
  • Journal & Leadership Portfolio

Core curriculum activities are often done in advance of the actual classroom discussion. Several modules may share the same self directed and/or community activities.

Each module starts by identifying:

  • The competency you will focus on
  • The definition of the competency
  • The objectives of the module


Each module then outlines the curriculum activities through which you will address the objectives:

  • Clinic
  • Core Curriculum Seminar
  • Self-directed activities
  • Community-based activities
  • Participation in faculty activities
  • Journal and Leadership Portfolio