Communication is the verbal, nonverbal, and written sharing of information. Communication involves both the message (what is being said) and the delivery method (how the message is presented).

Negotiation/Conflict Resolution

Negotiation is a cooperative process whereby participants try to find a solution that meets the legitimate interests of involved parties; it is a discussion intended to produce an agreement.

Cultural Competence

Cultural competence is the knowledge, interpersonal skills, and behaviors that enable a system, organization, program, or individual to work effectively cross-culturally.

Family Centered Care

Patient and family-centered care ensures the health and well-being of children and their families though a respectful family-professional partnership that includes shared decision making. It honors the strengths, cultures, traditions, and expertise that everyone brings to this relationship.

Teaching and Mentoring

Communication, critical thinking, and professionalism competencies are critical to teaching and mentoring.

Interdisciplinary Team Building

MCH systems are interdisciplinary in nature. Interdisciplinary practice provides a supportive environment in which the skills and expertise of team members from different disciplines, including families, are seen as essential and synergistic. The expertise of each team member is elicited and valued in making joint outcome-driven decisions to benefit individuals or groups and to solve community or systems problems.