Angela Miney


Family Involvement Consultant


Angela Miney is a part-time Family Partner in the UF Health Pediatric Pulmonary Center (PPC), funded by the Maternal and Child Health Bureau. In employing a Family Partner the PPC wished to ensure that its goal of training leaders in the interdisciplinary, community-based, culturally competent care of children with chronic pulmonary diseases would be family centered. In addition, involving patients and families at the institutional level enriches discussions and decisions that ultimately effect patients and their families. Angela has worked with senior members of the UF Health Children’s Hospital to establish a Patient and Family Advisory Council which presents the patient and family perspective on various projects ongoing within the hospital. She is a member of the Children’s Hospital Patient and Family Centered Care Committee whose overriding goal is to improve communication between all members of a patient’s healthcare team. Angela mentors students and faculty on patient and family centered care as part of the PPC’s core curriculum and has presented at national and local conferences on such topics as:  Living with a Chronic Illness and Ask Me 3™ – a program to improve communication between patients, families and the rest of the healthcare team in the outpatient setting. The PPC also offers a Family traineeship whose curriculum is based on firsthand experience of developing the role of the Family Partner specifically in the PPC and the academic medical center in general.  Angela is the family representative on ICHET – an interdisciplinary collaborative on health and education transition. This group has developed a graduate certificate program housed in the UF College of Education whose goal is to streamline and integrate the health and education transition of youth from teen to adulthood.  Angela is also the family representative on the UF Health Children’s Hospital Ethics committee.

Angela began her career in Human Resources in Ireland and subsequently spent a number of years living and working in sub Saharan and West African countries.  She and her husband have two daughters one of whom has lived with a chronic illness for many years.