Effective Re-Direction

Punishment tells a child what not to do, but it doesn’t tell him what to do instead. Let’s be honest. You’ve tried every form of punishment you can think of to get things to change and, so far, how well has it worked? Punishment doesn’t teach a better, more appropriate alternative.

Instead, try redirection. This form of correction must be paired with information and feedback about what to do, not just what not to do.

Effective Re-Direction is:

  1. Is preceded by a warning.
  2. Has a set beginning and end.
  3. Happens immediately.
  4. Occurs at maximum intensity (does not increase in intensity or duration for additional infractions).
  5. Is enforceable wherever your child is when the misbehavior occurs.
  6. Is delivered in a matter-of-fact tone.
  7. Is imposed every time that behavior occurs.
  8. Is always accompanied by an acknowledgment of the appropriate behaviors he should be demonstrating.

From From Chaos to Calm: Effective Parenting of Challenging Children with ADHD and Other Behavioral Problems by Janet E. Heininger and Sharon K. Weiss. Copyright © 2001.