Healthy Eating Guide
For Kids


This USDA web site features the updated food guide pyramid, known as ChooseMyPlate. The site provides games and activities that promote a personalized approach to healthier eating.

BAM! Body and Mind

This CDC web site is an interactive tool designed for children to receive information regarding healthy lifestyle choices that are linked to the national education standards for science and health.

Dole SuperKids!

Provides information based on the 2005 Dietary Guidelines to promote fruit and vegetable intake. The site is useful for children, parents, teachers, and bilingual visitors.

3-A-Day of Dairy

Provides information on the importance of including dairy foods in the diet, healthy snack ideas, and exercise tips. Great for children and families.

Dannon Institute – Celebrate Healthy Eating

Focuses on nutrition and provides access to nutrition modules and community based nutrition programs.