Severe Asthma Center

Our pediatric severe asthma patients at UF Health are treated by a multidisciplinary team, which includes a pulmonologist, Dr. Sreekala Prabhakran, an asthma educator, Alicia Hardy, RN, a clinical pharmacist, Leslie Hendeles, Pharm D, respiratory therapist, social worker, nutrition specialist, and allergist.

We offer state-of-the-art diagnostic testing and we base our treatments on the newest therapeutic developments. We are the first program in North Central Florida designed specifically to address the unique clinical, environmental, and system needs of children with severe asthma.

We pride ourselves on our strong coordination and collaboration with the UF Health Shands Pediatric Emergency Department and other community emergency departments, along with our great relationship between inpatient services, community services, and school nurses.

We have a relationship with the National Center for Medical-Legal Partnership, which helps our clinicians, case managers, and social workers address structural programs at the root of many health inequities.

Our program has the capability of offering home visits to eliminate children and their families from having to come to the office for multiple appointments.


Healthy Kids Medical-Legal Partnership

In an effort to reduce the health-harming legal needs of our patients, we have partnered with Southern Legal Counsel (SLC) to offer the Healthy Kids Medical-Legal Partnership (MLP) in our Severe Asthma Center. An MLP is a partnership in which medical providers and lawyers work together to identify health-harming legal needs that create hardships for children and families.