Ventilated Tracheostomy Program

Babies, children, and adolescents who have major problems with their airways or have chronic respiratory failure are likely to be technology-dependent. The Ventilated Tracheostomy Program at UF Health assists families who look after such children at home. These children may require specialized medical equipment in order to be kept alive. The pulmonary service is often introduced to patients when they are in the newborn or pediatric intensive care units, and our providers assist in the transition to the home environment.

For some children, it is like providing hospital care in the home, and multiple resources are often needed including machines and supplies, as well as nursing and medical expertise. The goal is to optimize quality of life for the patients and assist the caregivers in managing the care, which is often complex. The program sees patients weekly, and the two main groups of patients include those requiring invasive and non-invasive ventilation.