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(352) 273-8380

This is the pediatric pulmonary office. Someone will take a message and a nurse will confer with the physician on service and call you back within 4 hours.


(352) 294-8098


PO Box 100296
1600 SW Archer Rd. Ste HD-506
Pediatric Pulmonary Division
University of Florida
Gainesville, FL. 32610



  • Dawn Baker
  • Ticea Cannon
  • Alicia Hardy
  • Lashawnta (Tay) Gandy
  • Brittany Knight

Always email all the nurses so whomever is on call will get your message.

Office Location

Call the hospital operator at 352-265-0111 or 1-855-4UF-SHANDS. Ask for the Pediatric Pulmonologist on call.

Other Contact Information

  • Shands/UF Medical Plaza Pharmacy: 352-265-8270
  • CF Services Pharmacy: 800-541-4959 X 441
  • CF Pharmacy in Orlando: 800-741-4427