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(352) 273-8381

This is the pediatric pulmonary office. Someone will take a message and a nurse will confer with the physician on service and call you back within 4 hours.


(352) 294-8098


PO Box 100296
1600 SW Archer Rd. Ste HD-506
Pediatric Pulmonary Division
University of Florida
Gainesville, FL. 32610



Always email all the nurses so whomever is on call will get your message.

Office Location

Call the hospital operator at 352-265-0111 or 1-855-4UF-SHANDS. Ask for the Pediatric Pulmonologist on call.

Other Contact Information

  • Shands/UF Medical Plaza Pharmacy: 352-265-8270
  • CF Services Pharmacy: 800-541-4959 X 441
  • CF Pharmacy in Orlando: 800-741-4427